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During an Alexander Technique lesson a teacher uses gentle touch to guide a pupil through movement and activity. The Alexander Technique aims to help you to improve your coordination, balance, poise and posture. Lessons will help you to identify postural habits and learn to move more freely with greater ease. During lessons I will introduce you to the main learning principles of the Technique including the core skills.  

One to one lessons last 45 minutes and are available from my teaching practice in Seaford, East Sussex. Please wear comfortable clothing. Part of the lesson is likely to involve lying down on a teaching table and so you may find loose trousers a comfortable option. We may also look at your habits in movement in other day to day activities, such as sitting, standing and walking. 

You are welcome to come for a one off lesson to see if you feel the Alexander Technique is for you. Single lessons cost £40 each and discounts are available for courses of lessons. Booking a course of 6 or 10 lessons are options which will provide you with a foundation in the Technique. A course of 24 lessons, which has been found to be effective for treating chronic back pain, is also available.

Similarly to learning other skills, developing and improving postural mechanisms and coordination takes some time to practise and apply, in order to see results. Lessons can be arranged to take place more frequently at the beginning to enable you to get immersed into the process more quickly as often pupils find this beneficial. Whereas weekly or less frequent lessons might suit other people better. I can offer a personalised programme so please feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements so we can design a programme which suits your needs. 

Photo of teacher's hand supporting the back of pupil's head and neck
Photo of teacher's hand supporting the back of pupil's head and neck


Availability & Cancellations

Lessons are available by appointment only. 

Please contact me for up to date availability.

Appointments cancelled without a full 24 hours notice, and non attended appointments, are chargeable at the full rate.  

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